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What makes SCRA stand out from the crowd of other business organizations in our state? We deliver superior customer service. Join SCRA and become part of a group that's committed to your success.

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Your SCRA lobby team is working year-round in Columbia to advocate for retail issues. There are times, however, when we need your help to pass positive legislation/regulation or stop legislation/regulation that would negatively impact your store operations.


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Check our blog frequently to stay up-to-date on issues impacting the retail industry in South Carolina.

Welcome to South Carolina Retail Association

The Voice of Retail in South Carolina!

The South Carolina Retail Association (SCRA) is a trade association whose mission is to improve the public image, effectiveness and profitability of the retail industry in the Palmetto state. We represent a variety of merchants in every county, both large and small, and make it our priority to give all retailers a voice in Columbia. A tax-exempt organization supported entirely by members’ dues, the Association is governed by a board of directors who represent retail entities as diverse as apparel, department, electronics, grocery and pharmacy stores.

SCRA has a New Mailing Address

Please update your records to reflect our new mailing address effective immediately:

PO Box 1030, Raleigh, NC 27602-1030

Our phone and fax number will remain unchanged.

Organized Retail Crime Bill Passed in South Carolina!

SCRA’s multi‐year effort to strengthen the state’s shoplifting laws has finally come to a successful end! In a last‐minute deal, the conference report was adopted by the Senate (44‐0) and by the House (89‐0). The final conference report reinstates the “stolen goods” provision that the House stripped out of the original bill.

Thank you to the number of SCRA members that helped us to pass this priority legislation. Huge victory for SCRA!


Leveling the Playing Field for South Carolina’s Retailers Stand With Main Street









Retail means jobs

By the Numbers:

The Retail Industry is South Carolina’s #1 employer

Retail supports 421,366 jobs in the state of South Carolina

One in every four jobs is a retail job!